Benefic Thai Herbal Compress Massage Therapy – Relaxing and Therapeutic

Relaxing and therapeutic Benefic Thai Herbal Compress Massage

Benefic Thai Herbal Compress Massage Therapy – Relaxing and Therapeutic


There is a tendency to think of massage as a luxurious way to pamper ourselves, but in fact, it’s much more than a momentary feel-good treatment. Massage can help you maintain physical, mental, and emotional well-being, especially when it is part of your regular wellness routine.

One of the main objectives of therapeutic massage is to work at the cellular, tissue, muscle, adipose and circulation levels to relieve the problems causing you pain and discomfort. A treatment plan usually involves a series of sessions where attention is given to restoring body balance for overall health.

In a relaxation massage, there is usually less emphasis on working out chronic underlying muscle tension ? the adhesions (knots) and muscle restriction within the muscle tissue. A single treatment will leave you feeling balanced and whole.

The relaxation response is a profoundly healing state. It may be the most fundamental healing state of which you are capable, as all your inborn tendencies toward balance and harmony are able to fully express themselves.?Your body and mind rest deeply when you are free of stress and tension, and your body’s inherent tendencies toward balance are given the opportunity to assert themselves.

Every cell in your body has its nucleus, a genetic code, or blueprint, of what perfect harmony, balance, and health looks like for you. That blueprint contains detailed instructions for each individual cell, as to its own role in restoring a state of balance.

I wish to emphasize here the importance of this genetic code. Imagine for a moment that you had the responsibility of directing all your bodily functions. You would have to make a conscious effort to pump your blood, digest your breakfast, filter your blood through your liver and kidneys, regulate your temperature, grow white cells in your marrow, direct each breath, and so on. You would very quickly be overwhelmed by this responsibility. Fortunately, your body is programmed to do all this for you automatically. These vital functions still go on even while you are asleep.

Likewise, all your body’s healing responses go on without your conscious participation. For example, when you have a cut or bruise on the knee, the cells in that area know exactly what to do to restore the knee to health, to knit the tissue back together, remove the debris, clear away the bacteria, and restore the knee to its original condition – in accordance with the genetic code for that area i.e.the knee. What an overwhelming responsibility it would be if you had to do this consciously! Would any of us be alive today?

The best we can do is support these inherent healing processes and one of the most supportive ways of doing this is to remove as much interference as possible. To the degree that stress interferes with these healing processes, stress release interventions such as massage clear the way for the relaxation response to work its magic.

Benefic? Thai Herbal Compress Massage treatments are raising the bar and taking relaxation massage to the next level. The compresses have a highly effective and therapeutic blend of aromatics, herbs, essential oils, and hot and cold therapy treatment that work to alleviate a myriad of ailments in one treatment!

Far from a basic or fluffy massage, Benefic? Thai Herbal Compress Massage treatments are more like a powerful healing force from nature that enters your body as soon as you step into the treatment room. The inhalation of the aromatics released from within the herbal compress, instantly induces a deeply calming feeling that sets the tone in anticipation of what?s to come.

As soon as the compress is used on your body, moist, medicinal warm heat touches your skin and instantly melts you into the massage bed as the body absorbs the therapeutic essential oils. The specialized techniques used in this delightfully aromatic herbal massage, reach deeply into muscles and tendons and travel along the energy lines of the body. The effects quickly relieve stress, muscular pain, and bodily tension.

For example, a person with a chronic pain condition wants and needs to relax. Some of the pain is due to adhesions and restrictions in the soft tissue, so corrective-based modalities are needed to address those. A Benefic? Thai Herbal Compress Massage treatment will give relief, and while it may only be temporary for some chronic pain sufferers, this pain relief is critical for quality of life.

The compress will also instantly alleviate symptoms of specific complaints such as stress, a headache, pain in your hip, tight shoulders, or a spasm in your lower back. In each of these conditions, the moist medicinal heat radiates from the compress into the areas of concern.

It is especially beneficial to take a nap after this unique experience. Doing so will maximise the benefits of this completely wholesome treatment and allow your body to continue receiving the benefits from a Benefic? treatment. You also get to extend your experience as you take your compresses home with you.

Benefic? Thai Herbal Compress Massage treatments are a powerful mind-body experience that brings both client and therapist to a greater state of physical and mental well-being. It is a truly profound treatment given at a level of relaxation and tranquillity that is second to none

A ?must do? for your optimal health and well-being. Be Well!


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