Experience the exquisite effects of Benefic Thai Herbal Compress Treatments

dropcap-benefic has gone to great lengths to source 100% authentic Thai Herbal Compresses that meet our exacting standards in quality. Our products are handmade using the best organic natural medicinal herbs and essential oils, and following ancient Thai recipes that have been handed down for generations by those trained in the arts of Thai herbal lore.

Wrapped in pure cotton, the compresses are steamed to release the healing properties of the ingredients within. The result is a powerful therapeutic treatment that combines herbal, aromatic, thermal and massage therapies all in one treatment, delivering an exquisite effect that is truly Benefic.

Benefic Thai Herbal Body Compress

As moist heat deeply radiates throughout the body, the hypnotic aromatics induce a calming feeling, leaving you totally ready to receive this amazing body treatment.

The compress is applied by pressing directly on the skin along the meridian energy lines, and is also massaged thoroughly into the body using a wide variety of techniques to release blocked energy. The result is a truly holistic treatment with a profound effect on the mind, body and spirit that leaves you totally rejuvenated


  • improves flexibility
  • anti-inflammatory
  • reduces stress and tension
  • soothes sore muscles and aching joints
  • detoxifies and stimulates internal organs
  • stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic flow
  • reduces postnatal, PMT and menopause symptoms
  • treats bruises, sprains, contusions, hematomas (cold therapy)
  • treats headaches, migraines, sinus congestion and respiratory ailments

Benefic Thai Herbal Facial Compress

This special blend of herbs ensures the gentle delivery of treatment to delicate facial skin. It is designed to calm, soothe and nourish, to decongest and to increase blood circulation to aid healing. Deep penetrating, healing herbs and gentle heat massaged on the pressure points of the face and d?collet? leave the skin energised, with a taut, vibrant glow.
The compresses can be used in cold therapy, making this is a delightful treatment for those with irritated, inflamed skin due to acne, rosacea or eczema. Applying Thai White Clay directly on the skin during treatment has a cool, calming and decongesting action to counter inflammation


  • calms irritation
  • relieves sunburn
  • contours the face
  • minimises rosacea
  • stimulates lymphatic flow
  • restores the skin?s natural radiance
  • detoxifies, feeds and nourishes dry, damaged skin
  • decreases acute inflammation due to
    acne and other abrasions

Benefic Thai Herbal Foot Compress

The feet are said to be the exit point of the body. The practice of reflexology lies in the understanding that all areas and organs of the body have corresponding points in the feet. To care for the feet is to care for the body.

The unique characteristic of the herbs, combined with moist heat and applied with steady pressure to specific points on the feet, stimulates the nerve connection and helps alleviate blockages in the nervous system. The process improves energy flow and circulation to restore the body?s natural balance.

This treatment will not only warm you to the core it will leave your body feeling deeply relaxed, restored, balanced and revitalised.


  • improves flexibility
  • relieves stiff joints
  • reduces foot odour
  • helps the body to heal itself
  • improves blood flow and circulation
  • combats tinea and other fungal or bacterial skin conditions

Benefic Thai Herbal Hand Compress

Here?s the perfect treatment for revitalising tired, overworked hands. These cute little bundles of remedial herbs pack the powerful punch needed to deeply penetrate heat into the finger joints, arm, wrist and tendons. The compress contains properties that leave the skin conditioned while helping ease aches and pains, inflammation, numbness and improving circulation and flexibility.

The combination of moist heat and herbs deeply penetrates the reflex points in the hand. These reflex points correspond to specific parts of the body, particularly the organs and glands, and are much deeper and less sensitive than those in the feet.


  • relieves numbness
  • improves flexibility
  • reduces aching joints
  • improves blood circulation
  • helps with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • helps relieve arthritic and rheumatic conditions