Sawadee Kha

dropcap-t2hailand is known for its abundant natural resources. The cultivation of Thai herbs and plants is part of a continuing tradition of using the local flora in cuisine, and to enhance medical and wellness practices. These practices are still firmly embedded in Thai culture today, and are now more readily available to the Western world.

Thai Herbal Compress Massage technique is an ancient traditional healing practice dating back nearly 5,000 years to an era when knowledge of plants? topical and nutritional benefits was passed from one generation to the next.

In Thailand, the herbal compress is called lukprakob meaning ?herbal pressing sphere?. Thai Herbal Compress therapy was designed to relieve pain and inflammation in soldiers returning from battle and in women after childbirth. In ancient times, it was also used in the elaborate therapy treatments of Thai royalty.

Some scholars believe that Thai Herbal Compress therapy originated from ancient Indian Ayurvedic practices and was introduced to Thailand around 200BC by Indian monks as they established the first Buddhist monasteries there. Others believe it came from rural folk medicine and was passed on verbally along an unbroken chain of masters or through secret manuscripts handed from teacher to student.

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